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inside sales representative

Online, over the phone, in the cloud, and beyond—wherever customers are, we’re there.Our global staff have devoted their careers to ensuring every customer relationship is exceptional. So naturally, we’re committed to making Concentrix the best place to grow a career, too. In other words, an outside sales representative can only be closing one deal at a time.

Outside sales experience requirements

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inside sales representative

An inside sales representative is someone who drives sales for the business by communicating remotely with prospects and customers. Many inside sales reps work in an office or from home and have experience in customer support or telemarketing. Unlike outside sales personnel, inside salespeople traditionally do not travel. Despite this, they are still proactive about contacting potential customers and may engage in cold calling. However, a company may also designate incoming calls from prospective customers as inside sales.

Inside sales vs. outside sales representatives

Learn how it compares to outside sales and the skills you need to be a successful inside sales rep. Inside sales job description examples, such as the one below, can assist in your creation of a job application. Feel free to revise this job description, which is optimized for search and conversion, to meet your specific duties and job requirements. For more ideas on how to craft the perfect description, view Monster’s inside sales job listings. Inside sales can be contrasted with outside sales, where people physically go out and meet potential customers.

inside sales representative

Most employers have to wade through a huge number of inside sales rep resumes before finding the right candidate, and this means they don’t have a lot of time to devote to reading each application. Tailoring your resume to the job description you’re applying for can help you stand out against lots of generic resumes. You may think that you would benefit most from the best of both worlds, with a hybrid sales team able to kill it on their cold calls and charm potential clients in person.

Inside Sales Representative Skills Assessment

As you add more inside reps to your team, the cost of running your sales operations doesn’t skyrocket. New costs include a new hire’s salary, an additional CRM seat and sales training. Inside sales reps need the skill of picking up verbal and audible cues in their sales conversations, because they usually don’t meet a client face-to-face (video chats being the exception).

inside sales representative

In other words, they can take a cold lead and turn it into a paying customer without leaving their desk. They need a stable internet connection and a way to conduct phone calls with quality audio. It usually takes place from behind a desk and inside sales representatives have the benefit of being able to sell to anyone, regardless of how far away they are. Finally, we found that 64% of sales leaders who transitioned to remote work sales in 2020 met or exceeded their sales goals. Whatever the case, inside sales offers faster response times to leads because the technology used allows reps to communicate with prospects without traveling.

Inside sales vs. outside sales salary: Australia

You will be expected to follow up with new and returning leads, and establish yourself as a trusted representative of [Your Company Name]. You are expected to have either prior experience or the proper certifications, and the ability to learn quickly to improve your conversion rate over time. Inside sales representatives are usually entry-level professionals in the sales department.

  • Working as an inside sales representative for SaaS has certain complicity and challenge.
  • Closing deals may require teams of sales representatives to work together.
  • Persuasive and engaging communicator with the ability to convert 94% of cold leads into repeat clients.
  • Combining a detailed job description with a skills assessment can help to identify the specific skills and knowledge required for a job, and can streamline the candidate selection process.
  • Candidates for this position can expect the hiring process to follow the order below.

Also, your customers’ buying committee usually exists of several people from multiple disciplines. I don’t believe there’s a specific vertical, industry, or product where a field sales model is indispensable. But, this doesn’t mean it’s the optimal sales model in the current market. The study revealed that 68% of sales leaders say they’ll adopt either a hybrid or fully remote selling model in 2021. Outside sales reps spend most of their time traveling to meet with clients, connect with prospects, and nurture relationships. If you’re interested in becoming an inside sales rep, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of your product.

National Average Salary

A sales representative concentrates on getting new clients and keeping the current ones. Let’s find out more about SaaS and the role of an inside sales representative in the sales team. Outside sales reps, on the other hand, travel and broker face-to-face deals. While outside sales reps likely have an employer with physical office space, these salespeople are meeting with prospects at trade shows, conferences, and industry events.

Detailed knowledge of powerful prospecting techniques and building strong, enduring relationships with existing customers to ensure brand loyalty. All the reps still only do inside or outside sales, but they collaborate and help each other move leads forward and close deals. Vervoe’s comprehensive recruitment guides provide a competency framework that maps out the core job-related skills and soft skills required for success in the role.

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