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Dear Matthew ,

We have an easy question obtainable . My good friend Gloria has been doing home work and so I’m writing this concern away on her ,

She’s a date who’s submitted several tweets on Twitter , implying that he is single . Tweets like ” immediate information myself ” he re tweets tweets implying breeze chat nudes , and very intimate tweets . It really is practically as though he is solitary these are re tweets . She’s got already been talking to him for per year and they’ve got already been with each other for almost a month already . She doesn’t have him as a-twitter pal , but really does from time to time continue their general public Twitter membership . She feels guilty because she’s bein sneaky , and it is manage to say some thing , she think these are generally warning flag it is unclear.but the reason why would she even desire to be with some body that produces her feel because of this , insecure ?????? 1. I am aware that it is bad for this lady to examine their account but 2. She’s got a gut experience and she feels as if these are generally warning flag , just what should she perform. !? ???!

P.s you’re very good looking we likes your own podcast and you are clearly a very mental man , i’m Liz by the way . Kindly answer ! Woman crisis ,girl power

Really ,Lizbeth Perez coronel

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